Big Shot No. 30
RIT Golisano Institute for Sustainability Building, Louise Slaughter building and Quad

September 6, 2014
- Dress in dark clothing
- Bring a hand held light
- Parking information will be provided shortly
- Arrive on campus by 8:15pm

Details to date
This will be our first computational image. The pre-shot photograph shared above is a composite of 2 cameras using 24mm matched lenses. We are excited to try a new approach to our long standing project. This photograph will be complex to make given all the windows and walkways. We will be working with the RIT Orientation Office, Facilities Management, Alumni relations and Public Safety.

All are welcome to attend the RIT alumni event. Registration is required

Big Shot No 30 is sponsored in part by:
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While very different than Cowboys Stadium, we are interested to try some of the strategies we used successfully on that project.


Charge those batteries…..

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