Big Shot 18, Rochester Human Flag

Rochester Human Flag
Rochester, New York

November 11, 2001
40 degrees

Camera: Sinar 4 x 5 camera with 65mm lens
Film: Portra 400 NC film
Illumination provided by the Stadium lighting, no painting with light was implemented.

In October 2001, the RIT Big Shot coordinators were invited by RIT President Simone to participate in a special project conceived by the Rochester business community entitled the Rochester Human Flag. In the wake of September 11th attacks, the community was looking to help bring people together and express patriotism. The project from the onset was a work in progress with the details constantly evolving

The project’s goal was to form a “human flag” on the field comprised of 2000 people, which would be “lit” using techniques similar to those used in the other celebrated Big Shot Photos. We hoped that the RIT community could provide the lighting for the flag. The project organizers estimated we needed at least 1000 people to light the flag with flashlights or electronic flash units. The event was organized to celebrate patriotism

November the 11th, just over 1000 people showed up to this project and all in attendance were used in the Flag.

Produced by:

– Rochester Institute of Technology: Faculty, Students and Staff
– Channel 10
– Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Newspapers
– Infinity Radio stations
– Frontier Field

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