September 18 at 8:00PM.

Be part of something special.  The 32nd edition of Big Shot will feature the Kodak Tower located in downtown Rochester, New York and needs participants. The RIT event is being produced in partnership with the Kodak, City of Rochester, Nikon, Profoto, MCC, and  M. L. Caccamise Electric Corp and Asset One LLC . Big Shot participants will light up the 19 story tower located on State Street since 1912 in downtown Rochester using hand-held light sources and a timed exposure. Typical Big Shot exposures range from 30 seconds to one minute. Four attempts will be made to light the Tower and the surrounding structures.

Every Big Shot is different and the Team is planning to record this once-in-a-life-time photograph using contemporary technologies as though as those used in past centuries when taking this picture. One camera will use the wet-plate collodion process  invented in the 1850’s, two cameras will use dry plate film invented in the late 1880’s , and several large format C-41 film cameras will also be used. Two Nikon D810 digital cameras will once again be used to record  the Big Shot exposure. Nikon has been a strategic partner with Big Shot since 2006. Profoto lights will be strategically placed to help project enough light to the roof of the 19 story building to make an exposure.

The event is free and open to the public.

Complimentary memento image files will be available to participants who attend.

 Instructions to participants:
– DATE: Sunday September 18th. There is NO RAIN DATE. Arrive at 7:30pm
– Assemble on corner of State Street and Morrie Silver Way at 7:30pm
– Dress in DARK clothing
– The event should be over at 8:20pm. Attendees will be outside for the entire event
– Participants must bring a hand held light. It can be a flashlight or electronic flash equipment
– Free Street Parking is available, in the High Falls garage, or in other Kodak lots
– The event is free and open to the public
– Public bathrooms will be available in or adjacent to the High Falls Visitors Center
– Participants will receive a 8.5 x 11 professional memento print of the final photograph courtesy of Nikon

Questions, please email the project at:

Big Shot is pleased to recognize its strategic partners
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