Big Shot projects are very complicated nighttime productions and require the participation of countless people and collaborators. This will be our 29th annual “Big Shot” photograph and our work is described by many as “painting with light” and an event worth attending. Making pictures in this way involves the participation of hundreds of volunteers positioned at various locations around the preselected site. The participants create the exposure by “painting” the subject with flashlights or other hand-held lights sources while cameras record the exposure using a timed exposure.

This year we are particularly lucky to have great partners in the City of Rochester, Nikon, CSX railroad, RG&E and Profoto. We hope you will come out and support our work on February 9, 2014 at 6:45pm. Plan on arriving no later than 6:45 on the Pont deRennes bridge in downtown Rochester. The city has been just terrific and will be turning out many many sidewalk and street lights to create as dark a vista as possible. This will include darkening the Genesee River corridor from the Falls to the the Broad Street Aqueduct. Nikon will be providing cameras for the event as well as supporting the complimentary printing and mailing ofr 8.5 x 11 memento prints of the photograph to attendees. CSX will be bringing 2 locomotives and rail car to the event and will be parked on the bridge over the Falls. Profoto has generously provided a grant to cover costs associated with the City’s expenses to turn off lighting. Profoto also provided high end battery powered electronic flash equipment. We are just thrilled with how this event is coming together. It will be a rain or shine event. Recently RG&E became an official partner and Hydroelectric operations will augment the flow of the Falls to ensure we have the optimal conditions for such a historic photograph.

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