Sep 29 2016

Things You Might Not Have Noticed in the Big Shot No 32 Photograph

As the dust settles from RIT Big Shot No 32, the question about what will the next Big Shot project  be seems to be the elephant in the room. Let us be the first to tell you, we do NOT … Continue reading

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Sep 23 2016

150 years of Photographic Technology was used in Big Shot No 32 – Meet the Photographers

For this project, the RIT Big Shot photography team used photographic technologies from the past and present to make multiple pictures of the Kodak Tower. One camera exposed a wet plate collodion plate, a process invented in the 1850s. An … Continue reading

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Sep 19 2016

RIT Big Shot No 32 – Kodak Tower, Rochester New York

On the left, the view before painting with light and on the right, the final result. September 18, 2016  8:18pm 69 degrees Fahrenheit Estimated crowd nearly 2,800 Camera: Nikon D810 camera Lens:  28/f1.8 mm Exposure time: 60 seconds @ f/14 … Continue reading

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Jul 30 2016

RIT Big Shot No 32 – Kodak Tower, Rochester New York

September 18 at 8:00PM. Be part of something special.  The 32nd edition of Big Shot will feature the Kodak Tower located in downtown Rochester, New York and needs participants. The RIT event is being produced in partnership with the Kodak, … Continue reading

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May 05 2016

RIT Big Shot No 32 – Kodak Tower, Rochester New York

Big Shot Press Release:  May 6, 2016 Contact: Rich Kiley 585-475-5697 or Twitter: @rakiley PHOTO AVAILABLE: Caption: RIT Big Shot No. 32 is scheduled rain or shine for Sept. 18, 2016, when the photography team will point its … Continue reading

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Oct 04 2015

RIT Big Shot No. 31 – Churchill Downs, Louisville Kentucky

October 3, 2015  9:09pm 54 degrees Fahrenheit Estimated crowd nearly 1,800 This is how Churchill Downs looked before “painting with light.” Cameras: Four Nikon D810 cameras Lenses:  28/f1.8 mm Exposure time: 30 seconds @ f/11 ISO 100 All external lighting … Continue reading

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Jul 28 2015

Updates – RIT Big Shot No 31 Churchill Downs

October 3, 2015 9:00pm A free nighttime community photographic project Celebrating Three Decades of Light Painting Light painting is a unique way to photograph and allows light to be shined on a subject from multiple directions over time. Produced at … Continue reading

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Jun 09 2015

One of Big Shot's biggest fans

Big Shot has always been about the people that come to participate. We estimate more than 10,000 people have participated in the 30 Big Shot photographs that we have produced. As we prepare for Big Shot No 31, it is … Continue reading

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Jan 05 2015

RIT Big Shot No. 31 Site Announced – Churchill Downs

Release Date: Jan. 5, 2015 Contact: Rich Kiley 585-475-5697 or Twitter: @rakiley Big Shot is heading to Churchill Downs to photograph the iconic home of the Kentucky Derby on Oct. 3, 2015 The next RIT Big Shot promises to … Continue reading

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Sep 06 2014

RIT Big Shot No. 30

Big Shot No. 30 RIT Campus including the Golisano Institute for Sustainability Building, Louise M. Slaughter Building and Quad, Rochester, New York September 6, 2014 – 9:15pm 67 degrees Fahrenheit RIT Public Safety estimated the crowd at 2976 This is … Continue reading

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